OWPA Futurity

Ohio Welsh Pony Futurity

What is a futurity?

A futurity is a means by which an individual stakes his JUDGEMENT & ABILITY as a breeder on the future, the proof of which will be shown in competition against other breeders on a comparable basis as to age.

1. The selection of a mare which reflects qualities sought by the breeder and which represents to him the closest thing to perfection available, and that he believes will be prepotent in these qualities.

2. The selection of a stallion to breed to his mare that is strong in those qualities which he wishes to emphasize in the mating, and which he believes will produce the IDEAL PONY. Top futurity ponies are the result of the ability and the combined efforts of dam, sire and breeder.

For more about Futurity Advantages and the Rules and Regulations:

» Ohio Welsh Pony Futurity Guidelines (pdf document)

To register for the OWPA Futurity:

» Ohio Welsh Pony Association Futurity Registration (pdf document)




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